• How soon do you shipped my items to Amazon Warehouse?

- We guarantee that your inventories will shipped out within 24-72 hrs. We have a cutoff time of 1 PM PST to be processed same day. 


  • Where are you located?
- Our warehouse is in Orange County, CA.


  • Do we get a discount if we make a lot of shipments per month?

-Yes. All prices reflected are for clients doing less than 1000 shipments every month. Prices are lower for 1000+ shipments.


  • What are your minimums?

-We have a minimum of 30 units per shipment.


  • Do you send an invoice?
-  Yes we do. Once your shipment is prepped and packed, we send you a service invoice which includes a link to pay.


  • How does Storage work?

- Our Storage services are per pallet and we do not have long term storage fees. We currently do not accept HAZMAT products.


  • Do you access my seller account?

- We currently offer 2 options:

Option 1: You can either send us the FNSKU labels of each items and once your shipment is ready, we will send you the weight and dimensions of each shipments via email and you will , email us back the shipping label once calculated from your Amazon account.

 Option 2: Most prep centers need a User Permission access. The reason why prep centers need this access is to print your FNSKU label, create FBA shipments and provide box details (dimensions and shipping label). Emailing back and forth may be time consuming for most cases. 

With Amazon's User Permission Access, we will only have access to your FBA shipments. We won't see nor access anything from our end aside for shipments.

Step by step instructions on how to provide access to Prep and Ship providers:

  1. Sign in to your Seller Central (professional account)
  2. Click Settings on top right corner
  3. From the drop down click User Permissions
  4. Type in info@packusnow.com (or your prep service provider)
  5. Click "Send Invitation"
  6. We will accept the invite
  7. You will go back to User Permissions and click Edit Permissions
  8. Give us permission to View/Edit "Manage Inventory/ Add Products" + "Manage FBA shipments"

For more information you can check Amazon Help Page


  • Do you accept new sellers?

-Yes, we are currently accepting new sellers (Wholesale, Private label and Arbitrage sellers)


  • What type of payments do you accept?

-We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), and Discover. We also accept Zelle and Venmo payments. We charge 5% on all credit card transactions.